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This week we are featuring lesser-known films by well-regarded directors: Alain Resnais, Pedro Almodóvar, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Paul Schrader. You may know their more famous films such as Hiroshima Mon Amour, All About My Mother, Blow-Up, and First Reformed. This week is a chance to explore some of their earlier, later, or hard-to-find films.

Identification Of A Woman

After his wife leaves him, a film director finds himself drawn into affairs with two enigmatic women. At the same time, he searches for the right subject and actress for his next film. An anti-romantic, late-career coup by the legendary director of L’avventura, La notte, and Blow-Up. (1982)
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Live Flesh

A visually stunning film noir by Pedro Almodóvar, set in Madrid. After leaving jail, Víctor is still in love with Elena, but she's now married to the former cop (Javier Bardem) who was paralyzed by a shot from Víctor's gun. Based on the Ruth Rendell crime novel. (1997)
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Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters

Paul Schrader's visually stunning, collagelike portrait of acclaimed Japanese author and playwright Yukio Mishima investigates the inner turmoil and contradictions of a man who attempted an impossible harmony between self, art, and society. Taking place on Mishima's last day, when he famously committed public seppuku, the film is punctuated by extended flashbacks to the writer's life as well as by gloriously stylized evocations of his fictional works. (1985)
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One of Resnais' most commercially successful films, the life of Serge Alexandre (Jean-Paul Belmondo), aka Stavisky, flashes before our eyes - from money laundering to influence-peddling, casino gambling to dabbling in controversial politics - and we see the making and unmaking of the theatrically charming con man who made turn-of-the-century France his playground. (1974)
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Thursday - December 13th

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