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24 Hours of Potter - VIP A (The front row couches) Ticket

24 Hours of Potter - VIP A (The front row couches) Ticket


Product Description

24 Hours Of Potter - VIP A (The front row couches) Ticket All 8 Harry Potter movies in 24 hours Starts midnight Friday Feb. 22nd, 2019 -------------- DETAILS ---------------- Part of Row House's 2-week Pittsburgh's Harry Potter Film & Cultural Festival 2019 ⚡️ We start at midnight Friday and go to Saturday night at midnight (11:55pm exactly). We timed this out perfectly so you have breaks, meal times, and magical activities to keep you going. So put on some pajamas and leave your troubles back at home. ⚡️ - Come to as many films as you want. - Awards for people who complete all eight (new prizes this year) - Complimentary Coffee, Tea, & Snacks - Free refills ALL 24 HOURS for large popcorn and large drinks - Lots of prizes, swag, trivia, and tons of fun throughout the day. - Food truck for dinner break! - All credits & previews removed!!! ⚡️ ------------- IMPORTANT NOTES ----------------- All seating is first come first serve (except VIP tickets). No saving seats, no discounts, no refunds. ***Please be aware that second hand ticket sales are not always legitimate. Row House cannot take responsibility for these transactions. Call the theater to confirm the sellers names before sending money. *** Schedule -------------------- 12:01am - HP 1: Sorcerer's Stone 3:00am - HP 2: Chamber of Secrets 6:10am - HP 3: Prisoner of Azkaban breakfast break 9:30am - HP 4: Goblet of Fire 12:40pm - HP 5: Order of the Phoenix 3:30pm - HP 6: Half Blood Prince dinner break 7:00pm - HP 7: Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 9:45pm - HP 8: Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 ------------------------ Part of our Pittsburgh's Harry Potter Film & Cultural Festival 2019. For a complete schedule, ticket links, and event listing, please go to https://rowhousecinema.com/hp/ ----------------- The films to be shown during this Festival are shown with the permission of Warner Bros. The Wizard Dinner and their associated events, have not been sponsored by, endorsed by, nor are they affiliated with Warner Bros. -----------------

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