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Sun 4:30pm 4.9.17 - Tsunami Punx

Sun 4:30pm 4.9.17 - Tsunami Punx

Tsunami Punx - April 9th 2017 - 4:30pm

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Join the Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival in conjunction with Kaala, curators of Japan's underground music scene, for a night exploring Japanese punk music and its remarkable connection to the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 resulted in one of the most devastating tsunami’s the world has seen. In the aftermath, punk musicians and DIY organizers hailing from three Northern seaside towns formed a collective with the goal of erecting Live Houses amidst the ruin, creating an oasis for communities in defiance of the slow, tedious work of reconstruction.

Thus, the Tohoku Live House Movement was begun. Soon enough, word reached Tokyo of their work, and a group of young filmmakers from Waseda University arrived to document the unlikely but colossal impact of the punk community on the lives of others. Even now, the Movement continues, sharing music & art wherever it is welcome and needed.