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Thur 7:20pm 10.4.18 - Buer’s Kiss: Live Performance

Thur 7:20pm 10.4.18 - Buer’s Kiss: Live Performance


Product Description

Leprosy, demonology, and body humor! Come see a genre-bending live performance of "Büer’s Kiss" (pronounced “Boo-airs Kiss”)

A new graphic novel from cartoonist Carl Antonowicz that blends spoken performance, live production sound effects, and graphic novel illustrations to tell a unique story.

The performance will include live reading from three actors, foley effects (reproduction of everyday sound effects), and the graphic novel pages projected on screen.

About "Büer’s Kiss"
In the harsh medieval world of the Roodlands, disease is rampant, the Saints are silent, and Daemons lurk around every corner...

Felecia’s body is struck with leprosy.
Her husband rejects her.
The Church pronounces her “dead.”

She is exiled to a place where the beliefs are a mockery, but whose residents welcome her with open (albeit misshapen) arms. Her new life is stable enough, but things are not what they seem. A quiet war of belief is about to erupt, and Felecia will be forced to take sides.

Büer’s Kiss is a genre-bending live comics performance combining projected images, voice actors, and foley effects for "a tightly-constructed, elegantly produced comic reading that balances darkness and humor, static image and movement, and past and present concerns" (David Bernabo). Copies of the graphic novel version will be available for purchase from author Carl Antonowicz after the performance.

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