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Wed 9:30pm 5.2.18 - Beauty and the Beast (PJ Party)

Wed 9:30pm 5.2.18 - Beauty and the Beast (PJ Party)


Product Description

Always struggle not to burst into song during favorite Disney musicals in the theater? NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Get comfortable in your pajamas & sing as loud as your heart desires during this special Pajama Jammie Jams showing with Row House Cinema!

To Do:
1) Show up in Pajamas
2) Grab your favorite snack & brew!
3) Sing along with the rest of the theater to Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Note: there will not be any words on screen, but we KNOW you know these tunes.

This live-action adaptation of the Disney classic stars Emma Watson as Belle, who falls in love with a cursed prince and saves him from a life as a beast. (2017)


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