Row House Online

Row House Online is Row House’s curated virtual cinema service available while our theater is closed.
Rent movies online to watch at home and half the proceeds to go Row House — keeping you on top of the movie world, and us afloat.


(Virtual) Silent Sunday
All day – October 25 – $12

Silent Sunday is still happening this year! We’re doing an “online” version of our classic Halloween event on October 25 with some fun twists.

Our compilation of silent films will be available through our Rowhouse Online platform, which will allow you to purchase a “ticket” that’ll give you access to the films.

Here’s where it gets fun. You can choose your own music or put on our coordinating Spotify playlists with curated soundtracks.

Sweded is BACK – famous films, creatively re-created by YOU

Sweded Film Festival 

Join us for the only festival of classic movies, re-made by amateurs who replace A-list stars and CGI with whatever is laying around their houses and a ton of creativity. It’s odd, unexpected, and a whole lot of fun.

There are just a few rules to a Sweded film. Keep it cheap, short, and out of control, but make it awesome.

Filmmakers can register now and submit their films by Nov. 22. Our panel of judges will choose winners for our cash prizes, and we’ll compile the best of the best Sweded submissions to be included in a feature-length compilation film.

Register Here.