Row House Online

Row House Online is Row House’s curated virtual cinema service available while our theater is closed.
Rent movies online to watch at home and half the proceeds to go Row House — keeping you on top of the movie world, and us afloat.

Two of Us An award-nominated romantic drama about decades-old romance between two retired women
Lapsis– A new sci-fi release about the gig economy. Perfect for Black Mirror fans.
Identifying Features – A gorgeously shot parable of chaos and loss in modern Mexico
Sweded Film Festival – Our own quirky, weird little movie made by movie lovers for move lovers! Just $3,99 to watch

Popcorn Pickups

Pick up the best movie popcorn in town that you’ve been craving since we’ve closed. It’s a great way to recreate the movie theater experience at home, and help support us during our closure! We’ve been teaming up with the awesome folks at Steel City Salt to do some pretty cool flavors each month. Pick up is from 5-7 pm. Curbside is available for those who order ahead via Eventbrite.


March 11Matcha Popcorn Pick-Up

Ah remember the days when we thought the 2021 Japanese Film Fest would happen. Crazy times! Instead, we’ll be celebrating with some Japanese-inspired popcorn made with Steel City Salt Company’s Matcha Salt.