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Dazed & Confused w. Brownies
7:30 pm – August 19 – $15
No. Sadly not that kind of brownie… but if you want to act a little silly anyway, that’s okay! Each ticket includes a double chocolate brownie from Wise County Biscuits.

The Room
10 pm – August 20 – $13
It’s time for another weekend with cult classic The Room! We give you the cues and the props, you get to shout and have a good time! Don’t worry, we’ll give you a quick run down before it begins!

Roman Holiday w. Gelato
3:30 pm – August 21 – $17
Pretend your Audrey Hepburn eating a gelato in Rome on her day off from princessing with us! Catch this iconic film and enjoy some Mercurio’s gelato for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

7:05 pm – August 22 – $12
This fantastic comedy was filmed at Pittsburgh’s very own Kennywood! In the summer of 1987, a college graduate takes a ‘nowhere’ job at his local amusement park, only to find it’s the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world. Join us for a short presentation from City Paper and Kennywood before the film!

Part of the Pittsburgh on Film Series being brought to you by Row House Cinema and Pittsburgh City Paper.

The Guide – a Fundraiser for the Ukraine Relief Fund
4:25 pm – August 24 –$15
Support the people of the Ukraine with a one-day screening of The Guide — a Ukrainian drama about an American boy Peter and blind minstrel Ivan who are thrown together by fate amidst the turbulent mid-30s Soviet Ukraine. 100% of all ticket sales for this screening will go to The Ukraine Relief Fund, which supports humanitarian organizations working in or near Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian people.

Summer Camp Secret Cinema
7 pm – August 25 – $12
Join us for a night of Grade A Summer camp Nostalgia with a secret movie. We’re your favorite camp t-shirt and come to enjoy the perfect summer camp movie. We’ll have friendship bracelets and some on-theme summer camp style concessions available. And the movie is going to be so fun…

E.T. w. Reeses Pieces
7:30 pm – August 27 – $12
ET and his favorite candy… but in Reese’s Cup form! Come see this classic film on Saturday night and get a free Reese’s Cup with Reeses Pieces. While supplies last!

7:30 pm – August 31 – $12
We’re screening this classic teen movie a Wednesday… so wear pink. We’ll also have our very own Pittsburgh burn book, so we can all be plastics for a night.

The Slumber Party Massacre 
8:30 pm – September 3 – $12
An 18-year-old high school girl is left at home by her parents and decides to have a slumber party. Meanwhile, a mass murderer with a propensity for power tools has escaped from prison, and eventually makes his way to the party where the guests begin dropping off one by one.

Slumber Party Secret Cinema 
10:30 pm – September 3 – $12
Join us for a Slumber Party double feature! We’ll be screening Slumber Party Massacre at 10 pm, and this SECRET film that will pay right after it. If you catch the first film and can count to two, you can probably guess what it is….

2022 Lord of the Rings Festival 

Brew & View with The Two Towers
8 pm – September 2 –
We’re doing a classic Brew & View with arguably the most fun film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy — The Two Towers!  Get a beer when you first enter the theater. As the film plays, Row House staff will bring additional, on-theme beers to your seat, at key moments in the film!
Second Breakfast with The Fellowship of the Ring
12:20 pm – September 3 – $17

What about “second breakfast” indeed! Join us for a spread of coffee, tea, and gourmet baked goods with a screening of “Fellowship of the Ring.”
See The Hobbit fan-edit by M4, which combines and cuts down all three Hobbit films down by several hours into one cohesive and excellent film. It’s considered to be one of the best fan-edits out there.
8:15 pm – September 8 – $22
Join us for a hearty hand pie from Piper’s Pub and the final Lord of the Rings film for a very satisfying end to an excellent Lord of the Rings festival!