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Poster for 2022 Oscar Nominated Short Films – Documentary

2022 Oscar Nominated Short Films – Documentary

Opens on

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Run Time: 160 min.

Filmmakers in this category tell fantastic and true stories that will change your worldview in documentaries that are under 40 minutes.

2/25/22 @ 6:00 pm
2/26/22 @ 1:00 pm
2/27/22 @ 7:45 pm
2/28/22 @ 12:25 pm
2/28/22 @ 8:40 pm
3/1/22 @ 3:45 pm
3/2/22 @ 5:55 pm
3/3/22 @ 1:20 pm


THREE SONGS FOR BENAZIR:The story of a young man who lives in a displacement camp in Kabul and struggles to balance his dreams of being the first from his tribe to join the Afghan National Army with the responsibilities of starting a family.

QUEEN OF BASKETBALL: She is one of the greatest living women’s basketball players. 3 national trophies. Scored the first basket in women’s Olympic basketball at the ‘76 Olympics. Drafted to the NBA. But have you ever heard of Lusia Harris?

WHEN WE WERE BULLIES: A mind-boggling coincidence leads the filmmaker to track down his fifth grade class and fifth grade teacher to examine their memory of and complicity in a bullying incident 50 years ago.

AUDIBLE: an immersive coming-of-age documentary following Maryland School for the Deaf high school athlete Amaree McKenstry and his close friends, as they face the pressures of senior year and grappling with the realities of venturing off into the hearing world.

EAD ME HOME: a documentary short that captures the experience of homelessness from multiple perspectives, personalizing the overwhelming issue by telling the real-life stories of those going through it