Dog Night w. All Dogs Go to Heaven – 6:30pm – Jan 29th – $10

Once again we are teaming up with our friends at the Humane Animal Rescue for a night of meeting adorable adoptable dogs! They’ll be in the lobby at 5:30pm for a dog meet & greet!  Then we’ll watch the animated classic “All Dogs Go to Heaven”

*Film Club Members can use their FREE movie



Tiaras and Cocktails w. Gentleman Prefer Blondes 10:00pm – Feb 7th – $14

Live it up with a night of tiaras and classic cocktails! We’ll supply tiaras (sorry, plastic! lol) and samples of vintage cocktails — and maybe even some ring pops?! Then we’ll watch Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel live their best lives in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes



An Evening of Espresso & Roman Holiday  – 6:00pm – Feb 12th – $14

Enjoy a cozy evening in the theater. Espresso a Mano will be in our lobby serving up hot espresso drinks before a screening of Roman Holiday




Baby Friendly Screenings

Row House Cinema is offering monthly baby friendly screenings. Watch a movie you actually want to see, and don’t worry if the baby cries or needs to be fed—you will not be alone! Film volume will be low or with captioning, if available (to accommodate little ears), and the house lights will remain partially lit.


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure– 11:00am – Feb 16th – $8 (lap babies under 2 are free!)

*Film Club Members can use their FREE movie